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Whether you need help with your annual plan, sales training, sales strategy or any other sales-related topic, I'm here to offer my expertise and advice. 

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Customers becoming ambassadors on a mission.

Throughout the years I have learned that people only buy when they see the value and opportunity for them in buying. Sharing a clear result or answer to the challenge at hand is just the start. It is all about making their businesscase. 

When people can realize their goals by using your products or services, they become unstoppable.

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Work smart

Be practical, plan ahead and stay on top.

The sales world is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the latest trends and tools. Whether it's CRM, social media, or AI, you can leverage these technologies to boost your sales performance. But don't forget the human factor: you also need to learn new skills, stay curious, and be passionate about your product or service. 

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Business challenges

Giving you guidance and feedback

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Why they keep calling

“Just reading the newsletters and blogs gave a lot of value for free. Having a brainstorm live was a gamechanger for the whole organization”

Arne-Jan.Poman-Innovation & Subsidies financing

Arne-jan Polman
Business Owner

“I never met someone like Frederic, His energy is addictive in a positive way. He brought my team to the next level in Sales and development”

Ferdi.Janse-Business Developer

Ferdi Janse
Business Developer

“My one-on-ones with Frederic helped me grow as a sales director. Not only with results and creative ideas but also as a person”. 


John Wilkes
Business Owner

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