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The Advantages of Partner Collaboration at B2B Events

Events • Feb 4, 2024 9:20:57 PM • Written by: Frederic Marcillaud

Discover the benefits of partnering with other companies at B2B events and how it boosts my event success.

Expanding Your Reach

One of the key advantages of partnering with other companies at B2B events i found out, is the opportunity to expand your reach. By teaming up with companies in a similar field but with the same customer base, you can attract a larger audience to your booth. This means more potential prospects and a greater chance of connecting with your target audience. Additionally, partnering with other companies allows you to tap into their network and reach customers who may not have been aware of your business before.

Collaborating with partners also helps to increase brand visibility at events. With multiple companies sharing a booth, there is a higher likelihood of attracting attention and standing out from the competition. This expanded reach can lead to increased brand recognition and ultimately, more business opportunities.

The idea you are here as a team gives me more energy. You are not alone, can always introduce or offer visitors to someone of interest and every person visiting the stand becomes valuable. 

Sharing the Workload and Costs

Another advantage of partner collaboration at B2B events is the ability to share the workload and costs associated with participating in these events. Setting up a booth, sending out invitations, and promoting the event can be time-consuming and expensive. However, by joining forces with partners, you can divide these responsibilities and costs, making it more manageable for everyone involved.

Sharing the workload also means that you can leverage each other's strengths and expertise. Each partner can contribute their unique skills and resources to create a more impactful booth and overall event experience. This collaboration not only lightens the individual burden but also ensures a more comprehensive and successful presence at the event.

Personally I like a themed aproach. I was inspired by a collective of companies from the Friesland province in The Netherlands. Being a two hours drive away from Amsterdam, they teamed up to set up a meetingroom called "The Friesland House" in Amsterdam. This way they could promote their business like a Amsterdam office minimizing the gap. Years later they even have an office in New York. This shows collaboration works. 

Expanding Your Network

Partnering with other companies at B2B events provides an excellent opportunity to expand your professional network. By collaborating with companies in a similar field, you can gain access to their contacts and connections. This can open doors to new business relationships, strategic partnerships, and valuable industry insights.

Expanding your network through partner collaboration also allows you to tap into different industries or markets that you may not have had exposure to before. By connecting with partners who have different perspectives and experiences, you can gain a broader understanding of the market and identify new growth opportunities for your own business.

During events we invite our customers and prospects, but also see our competition and suppliers. So do your partners. That by itself brought me the most value. It strenghtens the relationship with my partners, but more importantly the expending network is warmed up by a trusted introduction. 

Gaining Different Perspectives

One of the unique advantages of partnering with other companies at B2B events is the opportunity to gain different perspectives. When you collaborate with companies in a similar field but with varying backgrounds and approaches, you can learn from their experiences and gain valuable insights.

These different perspectives can help you uncover new strategies, innovative ideas, and alternative approaches to solving common challenges in your industry. By engaging in discussions and knowledge sharing with your partners, you can expand your own thinking and gain a fresh perspective on the market, ultimately leading to improved decision-making and business growth.

My personal growth in this happened a few years ago. I was joining an event as Airturb partnering up with a smarthome software/ hardware supplier. Their approach, pricing and mindset helped me better understand the needs of my customer. Eventually they we even selling our product to every visitor on the fair. 

Enhancing the Follow-Up Process

Partner collaboration at B2B events can greatly enhance the follow-up process. With multiple companies participating in a booth, there is a collective effort to follow up with leads and contacts made during the event. This ensures that no potential opportunity falls through the cracks and allows for a more comprehensive follow-up strategy.

By working together with partners, you can streamline the follow-up process and share resources for more effective lead nurturing and conversion. This collaborative approach also helps to establish a cohesive brand image and message throughout the follow-up communications, reinforcing the initial impression made at the event.

Rome wasn't build in one day. Every event is a start of new deal or opportunity to follow-up. Leads can fall through the cracks. By having a few follow-up sessions together with the partners you can discuss all leads gathered and discuss who will follow-up so no lead gets lost. 

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