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WIN-WIN-WIN in every businesscase realizes more succes.

Think about the obvious and do the unthinkable to get better results. Share profit and grow as a team, that is what will make us successful.
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Behind every successful Salesperson there is the best supporting team.

Success is a team effort. You can't achieve your sales goals without the support of a good partner, coach and/or team. They are the ones who help you overcome challenges, learn new skills and celebrate wins. Together, we can change the game and be winners. Alone, we face defeat.

I am proud of our achievements, the goals we have set for ourselves and the team I can work with. We celebrate every step of the way to the top.

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Our Leadership Team

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Frederic Marcillaud

CEO & Founder

Sander de Grijff

Sander de Grijff

Commercial Consultant


Romek van Mook

Sales Recruiter

The Goals Bring Value, share Love and Passion

Living the best dream every day

Traveling all over the world, discovering new countries.

Never feeling strings attached

Becoming financially independent while enjoying life.

Respectful towards others

Open and honest in business and privatelife.

Have a great Work-life balance

Learn from others to achieve the best planning.

Inspire and share results

Help people making a positive impact on the world.

Share love and passion

Help people with opportunities so they can achieve their goals.

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Don't let your pride get in the way of your success.

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