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My passion is to share my expertise in b2b sales and help others achieve better outcomes. I enjoy creating new business models that can help companies grow and thrive. This is what I love to do and what I do best.

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Don't sell, but inspire

Customers becoming ambassadors on a mission.

Throughout the years I have learned that people only buy when they see the value and opportunity for them in buying. Sharing a clear result or answer to the challenge at hand is just the start. It is all about making their businesscase. 

When people can realize their goals by using your products or services, they become unstoppable.

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Work smart

Be practical, plan ahead and stay on top.

The sales world is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the latest trends and tools. Whether it's CRM, social media, or AI, you can leverage these technologies to boost your sales performance. But don't forget the human factor: you also need to learn new skills, stay curious, and be passionate about your product or service. 

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I can only grow if I learn from my mistakes. And I share them with you.

Being in sales can sometimes drain you as a person. Running after deals, trying to achieve your targets. Getting your team to run the extra mile and getting them across the monthly or quarterly finishline can be a burden. Change your approach, recharge and restart the process only when you are ready to make moon landings, because only then you are unstoppable. 

Achieving the impossible and unthinkable is what we do in sales. That is why I share my knowledge and knowhow. Join now!


Endorsements by pro’s

“Breaking down the wall was just the start, Frederic Showed us a different way in doing business”

Arne-Jan.Poman-Innovation & Subsidies financing

Arne Jan Polman
Business Owner

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Endorsements by pro’s

“A new service in hours, launched and having a first paying client, mindblowing approach”

Ernst.Jongepier-Snior HR BusinessPartner

Ernst Jongepier
HR Business Partner

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Endorsements by pro’s

“The amount of energy Frederic brought into the room has crazy and made us jump on tables”

Ferdi.Janse-Business Developer

Ferdi Janse
Business Developer

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Endorsements by pro’s

“He literally understood our business in minutes and came up with new solutions ready to use”


John Wilkes
Business Owner

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